First Flush Assam Tea
farm to cup in 2 weeks

First Flush Assam Tea
farm to cup in 2 weeks

As third generation tea farmers, we know a good cup of tea. Bohaag is sourced from the most celebrated and prized of estates in Assam.
Plant to cup in 2 weeks. The first pre-order campaign in history for first flush, long leaf, Assam tea with a strict delivery timeline.
Join us to empower local communities and make the colorful Assamese culture an icon on the global map.
The best Assam tea is harvested 3rd week of April.

Tea sommeliers compete for highest nutient, full-leaf, Assam tea, harvested March through April. Cold weather in Assam makes it unsuitable for harvesting tea November to March - pretty silent period for tea farmers. In the meantime, tea leaves accumulate nutrients. Come Bohaag (spring), when first flush tea is available, everyone wants a share of it.

Tea is best consumed closest to its production - like any other plant!

In summer right after harvesting, is when the best tea is meant to be enjoyed. It's pretty unfortunate that the most nutrituous, delicious, and prized production from Assam ends up spending its youth in tea auctions throughout the summer. Most first flush tea available today actually reaches the customer at least 2 months after plucking, and continues to live in retail shelves for up to 2 years.

Join us in the revolution to enjoy the most nutritious Assam tea, earliest.
Product of Farmers Product of Farmers
Bohaag is made by third generation farmers
Limited Edition Limited Edition
Bohaag is seasonal, only first flush

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Our experimental invite-only list got over-subscribed, so we sold out.

Sourcing tea outside the regular auction process means limited quantity of tea directly from the estate in the 3rd week of April. Excited by the interest levels, we're happy to announce our upcoming pre-order campaign on Kickstarter.

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